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Are you ready to go red? We are looking for members of our Mars Pioneer Program. Be part of one of the biggest journeys in mankind´s history.


Explore your surroundings and the planet. Marvel at the breathtaking nature and the ingenuity of human civilization.

Cooperate with Others

We can only accomplish this mission together. Reach out to other pioneers and make new friends.

choose your Class

Live your talent. Add your individual skills to the Mars Pioneer Program.

Upgrade your Daily life

Escape your monotonous daily routine. No matter what you do, no matter where you are, adventures and quests are waiting at every shuttle stop.

prepare humanities path

Lay the foundation for the dawn of a new interplanetary age. Your steps will guide the destiny of our civilization.

keep moving

Embark on the journey. Every small step is a step toward a healthier future.

Collect. Deliver. Repair.

Before the first families can move to Mars, plenty of tasks remain to be done by pioneers: delivering spare parts, repairing oxygen generators, installing base modules, collecting research samples, mining ice and metals, …

Go beyond anything you will ever experience.

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Mars is there waiting to be Reached. - Buzz Aldrin

Mission Status

Current Stage of Mission Go red: Delivering Base Modules to Mars.

First Pioneer on Mars


Pioneer Program

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Provide us with information about the city you would play in, that we are able to prioritize development.